May 24, 2024
Jeff Smith - Minister of the gospel: 
     Licensed by DTM in November of 2002 then ordained in November of 2004, Jeff Smith has been ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. Jeff has led two Ekklesia church groups in Crystal, MN and Princeton, MN; led an ongoing bible study in Princeton, MN for over four years, taught NT Greek classes, taught guitar for those who want to worship the Lord for personal and corporate worship, pastoral counseling in a wide variety of issues. Jeff's specific calling in ministry is to those who have had, or still suffer with, alcohol and chemical dependency addiction issues.
   Jeff started meeting with Dan Trygg, president and founder of DTM in December of 1994. It was through those one-on-one meetings with Dan that Jeff started to get a vision for what God was calling him to. It has always been DTM's vision to make disciples for Jesus Christ. Dan impressed this vision for discipleship on Jeff right from the start. It was through one-on-one meetings, Ekklesia church groups, NT Greek classes, biblical teaching and training, "on the job" ministry training, and a over-all consistent modeling of time and effort put in by Dan Trygg and others associated with DTM that Jeff started to grow into and realize the call that Christ called him to.
   With this firm foundation established by DTM; Jeff has carried this same message of discipleship and "Ekklesia - body of Christ living" to a world desperate for Jesus Christ. Jeff has incorporated his training from DTM into his primary passion for ministry: those who are suffering the effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Jeff's own struggles with alcohol and drug abuse, and the victory he obtained over them through the ministry of DTM, gives Jeff unique prospective and insight into helping others work through their own issues. Jeff's "no- nonsense", practical approach to ministering to alcoholics and drug addicts has produced many who have not only "recovered" but have also gone on themselves to disciple others in "recovery" in the same manner.
   Jeff's story of "recovering" from the hard issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse through the ministry of DTM, being discipled and trained up for the purpose of ministry by DTM, and realizing the call of ministry through DTM; is what DTM has been all about since 1983. Jeff's story is DTM's story and passion: "equipping the saints" and "sending them out"! This is our heart, and the call of serving Jesus Christ!
   If you are interested in having Jeff minister to you individually or as a group feel free to contact him;
By phone: (763) 639-6393