Studies in New Testament Greek
Below are some tools to help a student learn NT Greek.  I have used these to teach Greek classes numerous times, and have found them to be helpful.  They are meant to supplement working with a teacher, mentor or classroom, but they can also be used in conjunction with a Greek textbook or as an independent study.
There are study handouts, which provide the background, tables for identifying forms, and study tips.  Then there are study sheets of the text of I John, which provide the basis for the study, and then there are completed study sheets of I John, which give the answers for identifying the words, tracing them back to the original lexicon form, and offers a primitive translation of the words in context.
There are many free online resources now available for the study of NT Greek.  Our hope is that these offered here will provide you with useful tools for learning and practicing Biblical Greek, and make the learning process more manageable and enjoyable.                                                      -- Dan Trygg