July 13, 2024
Ekklesia Fellowships

Church in the New Testament was radically different than what most of us experience today.  EkklÄ“sia (pronounced "ek-clay-see-ya") was the Greek word for a people "called out" for a purpose.  Jesus chose this non-religious term to redefine and refocus the primary training and support gatherings of His disciples.  They were not to follow the synagogue model they had grown up with.  Jesus had something very different in mind.  Read down the page to learn more.  


      not Organization



God has designed the Body of Christ to not just be a conglomeration of individuals, but to be an interactive, interdependent organism.
 It is to be a team comprised of specialized individuals who are capable of incredible things, when coordinated and functioning together. There are no "general purpose" Christians, nor are their "lone ranger" Christians. No one can do it all, nor is anyone to be an island unto themselves. We are members one of another (Rom. 12:5).





Spiritual Gifts



If we are to help people come to maturity in Christ, they need to discover how God designed and equipped them to function in the Body of Christ. God has given all of us spiritual gifts, abilities and resources to strengthen, serve and encourage others. Part of our spiritual growth involves discerning what part we are to play in the larger "team" comprised of the people of God, and beginning to function effectively in the opportunities to serve that He brings our way. 








We will never be at our best without the support and input of others' ministry to us. Similarly, we have a valuable part to play in helping others come to their completion. God has set things up this way so that we would reach out to one another, and care for one another. It is to our advantage to do so. Jesus said that people would know we are His followers, if we have love for one another. Our own spiritual fulfillment and maturity are proportional to our willingness to love and serve others. We will also never be at our best unless we are giving to others in some fashion.


 New Testament



The gatherings of the Church in the New Testament were very interactive, and facilitated the ministry of believers one to another. 

Ekklesia Resources,


Local Churches



We at DTM value this interaction, and seek to encourage it in a variety of ways. We have produced a number of study resources to help interested people understand this Body-life concept. We also encourage others to begin to develop a network of relationships, or small groups, where they can begin to express their gifts one to another. These may be part of their local church ministry, or a gathering of Christians from a variety of church homes. Finally, we are establishing small, local interactive churches that attempt to model this way of "doing church".